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Me and my sexy, sexy, sexy poetry!

Hey, Girl.

It turns out one of my poems, “Confession,” was so damn hot that it was featured by the “Amorous People” Facebook page.  For those of you unfamiliar with the steamier side of the Internet (yeah, right), there are indeed Facebook pages dedicated to erotica.

“Amorous People” is one of them — an “18+ Community” that primarily features photos of people 20 years my junior enjoying themselves far more than I am as I’m typing this right now:

The Amorous People Facebook Page

Yeah, it’s amorous.  If Barry White’s subconscious had a Facebook page, I’m pretty sure this would be it.

I’m also pretty sure the site originates in Eastern Europe.  I’m seeing what looks like Cyrillic script on some memes, and the community rules somewhat befuddlingly instruct newcomers to “offend then leave.”

I … I guess this discovery is flattering, in a weird sort of way.  “Amorous People” actually only featured a portion of “Confession,” which was published by Dead Beats Literary Blog in October 2013.  It was the sexual imagery in the poem’s opening.  They also ran the portion without attribution, or acknowledging Dead Beats.  I politely informed them that I was the author, and included a link to where it first appeared, but they haven’t responded.  Maybe they’re … busy doing other things.  [Wackicha wackicha.]

Anyway, “Confession” is easily the most popular poem I’ve ever written.  It got a record number of “likes” and shares when it appeared at Dead Beats two years ago.  If you are feeling curious (or “Amorous,” even) you can read the poem in its entirety where it was originally published.  The link is the first one at the top of my “Poetry” section here at the site:


And hey — if anybody out there is inspired to get their smooch on because of something I wrote, then that’s just awesome.  Here’s to you, ya crazy kids!!



Dead Beats Literary Blog Features “The Disappearance of Little Tommy Drummond.”

I am also quite honored today to see my short story, “The Disappearance of Little Tommy Drummond,” appear over at Dead Beats Literary Blog. At the Dead Beats’ Facebook page, they quite generously commented that the story was “redolent of Stephen King,” which of course I took to be a very high compliment.

“The Disappearance of Little Tommy Drummond” can be found at the link below. Thanks, Dead Beats!