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More microfiction, anyone?

Hey, gang.

If you enjoyed my 100-word horror story, “Denver Disappeared Wednesday,” when it was published yesterday in Microfiction Monday Magazine, then you can find a bit more of my microfiction right here at the blog.

Just click the link below to get to my flash fiction page:

My flash fiction and microfiction

I hope you all are having a great week!




Microfiction Monday Magazine features “Denver Disappeared Wednesday”

The nice folks over at Microfiction Monday Magazine published a piece of my flash fiction today.  It’s a science fiction/horror short entitled “Denver Disappeared Wednesday,” and you can find it right here.  Thank you, Editor Gayle Towell!

Microfiction Monday Magazine is a truly enjoyable online periodical that challenges writers to tell a complete story in 100 words or less.  (I was lucky enough to see a couple of my horror shorts published there back in 2014.)  I’m always impressed by the way its selected writers do so much with so few words.

It’s great fun to read, and it’s easy to enjoy on a coffee break.  Check it out.



Today is shaping up to be a great day!

First, a particularly kind Twitter user in Argentina informed me that she translated one of my flash-fiction stories into Spanish.  The title of the story is “I Bring Her Diamonds.  My Hands Are Full of Them.”  It originally appeared as a 100-word horror story in Microfiction Monday Magazine, and you can read it here.

Then, the talented Robert Hansen shared with me his printing proofs for some of the flash fiction he accepted for the Poems-for-All Project.  Poems-for-All crafts matchbook-sized miniature books for poetry and flash fiction, which can be easily distributed to family and friends, or just “scattered like seeds” in true guerrilla poetry fashion.  The flash fiction that Mr. Hansen selected include another 100-word horror story, “There in the Bags,” as well as my response to the online “Six-Word Science Story Challenge.”

The artwork that Mr. Hansen is downright terrific, and I can’t wait to share it with you after the miniature books are completed.  For more information about Poems-for-All and Mr. Hansen’s unique publishing project, please visit his website here.





Microfiction Monday Magazine features my latest flash fiction.

Microfiction Monday Magazine today featured my 100-word horror story, “I bring her diamonds.  My hands are full of them.”

I just wanted to thank Editor Gayle Towell, who herself is a wonderful writer.  Ms. Towell was a pleasure to work with, and really helped me to improve the initial draft I submitted, particularly with concern to point-of-view and narrative voice.



Microfiction Monday Magazine to feature more of my flash fiction tomorrow!

I got some very nice news myself today from Editor Gayle Towell at Microfiction Monday Magazine — they will be publishing another piece of my flash fiction in tomorrow’s edition.  Its title is “I bring her diamonds.  My hands are full of them.”

MMM’s challenge to writers this October was to tell a horror story in 100 words or less.  This is the second entry of mine to be selected; MMM featured “Girl’s Best Friend” last week.

When my second piece appears tomorrow, I’ll be sure to post a link!

“Girl’s Best Friend” appears at Microfiction Monday Magazine!

My flash fiction horror story, “Girl’s Best Friend,” appeared today at Microfiction Monday Magazine!

The challenge was to write a horror story in 100 words or less.  I had great fun with this, and I am grateful to Editor Gayle Towell for allowing my work to appear in this really cool online magazine!

Check it out here:


Publication Notice: Microfiction Monday Magazine to feature “Girl’s Best Friend”

I received some great news today from Editor Gayle Towell over at the online Microfiction Monday Magazine — they will be publishing my flash fiction horror story, “Girl’s Best Friend,” on October 20th.

In advance of Halloween, the magazine was seeking horror stories of 100 words or less.  It sounded like a fun challenge, so I gave it a shot.

Microfiction Monday Magazine is a great online publication that specializes in bringing busy readers brief narratives that nevertheless tell a compelling story.

Check it out here: