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Every Day Fiction features “The Silver Leaf”

Every Day Fiction today featured my very short story, “The Silver Leaf.”  This is an extremely short vignette about two lost souls in the Irish Republican Army, on the eve of a midnight mission, who briefly ponder the perils of being “real.”
This will be my first professionally published short story, and the staff of Every Day Fiction was quite gracious and easy to work with.  I’m grateful to them for welcoming me into the community there.
The story can be viewed here:

Dagda Publishing plans Youtube video channel of video poetry!

From Dagda Publishing:  [We’re now in the process of getting a Youtube channel of video poetry together, and we need content. So if you’re a poet with a proclivity for performance (alliteration for the win!) email us at for more info on how you can get involved.

Also, if you could share this status and help us spread the word, that would be fantastic.]

Dead Beats Literary Blog features my poem, “Confession”


I am honored to be able to share that Dead Beats Literary Bog today kindly published my poem, “Confession.”

This is a poem that is not for everybody, due to its darker themes and sexual imagery, as well as its criticism of organized religion. It definitely drew mixed reactions from people to whom I had shown it before submission.

I still stand by the piece, however, and I am quite grateful for Dead Beats for allowing me a forum for a poem like this.


“Iridescent Green Sharks” attracts readers.

My self-published long story, “Iridescent Green Sharks,” drew at least a moderate following on, attracting 70 readers in the two days since it appeared on Sunday. This wasn’t quite as wide an audience that I had hoped for, but at least there was a good number of people out there who read the story.

I’m grateful for the indispensable support and feedback from good friends like Michael Stanhope, Tina Zabbo and Doug Mann, who were quite generous toward me as always.

“Iridescent Green Sharks” can be found here:

Being held prisoner in Tokyo last night wasn’t fun.

I actually had a vivid dream last night in which I was being held by renegade Japanese business interests in Tokyo during an abortive “war” they were waging against the United States. Yes, this is the setting of Tom Clancy’s “Debt of Honor,” possibly my favorite novel of his.

I think Clancy’s death really got to me.

Quick note — I added a “Stories” page here following my self-publication yesterday of “Iridescent Green Sharks” at The next entry on the page will be Every Day Fiction’s publication of “The Silver Leaf” on Thursday.

I’ve been lucky to find some success with poetry since first seeking publication last November (as well as my upcoming novel), and I would like to focus more on publishing short stories. I have a few submitted at various markets; I’ll post links if they are accepted for publication.


So … today we find out that there is yet a THIRD published writer by the name of Eric Nolan?!? (And this book listed below at below is poorly reviewed, too.)

Again, folks, with only or two exceptions from years ago, anything I publish should bear the name “Eric ROBERT Nolan!”  It should also be listed at my website here.

Publication Notice, Dead Snakes features “To Go Beyond” and “Guerilla Poet.”

The poetry e-zine Dead Snakes has very kindly published two new poems of mine. The first, “To Go Beyond,” describes my hesitation to flirt with an enchanting young woman who I met recently.

The second, “Guerillla Poet,” is a tribute to my friend and fellow poetDennis Villelmi, whose sheer zeal and commitment to his craft inspire me to work harder at my own. 

Both poems can be found here:


October finds me in the mood to try new things, and so I have self-published a tragic story entitled “Iridescent Green Sharks” on the wonderful website, This story is dedicated to Audrey Hanson.

“Iridescent Green Sharks” is the story of Sean and Maryanne, lifelong friends, storytellers, and lovers of words, who inevitably come to love each other. Yet divergent paths in life can make love, art and even life itself suffer – or ultimately be destroyed.

The story is a bit long, at just over 11,000 words. It can be viewed here: