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“The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More” Might Begin a Series of Books!


Preliminary conversations with Dagda Publishing now suggest that “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More” might begin a series of books, set in the same post-apocalyptic universe. If this first novel is well received, I may look forward to penning sequels to the book.

There is so much more to the story of Rebecca “Red” O’Conner — not to mention her human colleagues and her merciless wolf adversaries. So if you, the readers, enjoy the story, there is a chance that it may continue farther into new — and far darker — places.

Thank you, Dagda Publishing, for your continued encouragement and inspiration!

Tom Clancy’s Career, Covered Wonderfully by The Washington Post

Here is a wonderful look at the incomparable Tom Clancy’s career, courtesy of The Washington Post. (Isn’t it amazing that he began as a humble insurance agent?)

The anecdote about John Lehman, Jr. brought a smile to my face.


Honoring Tom Clancy

I am going to honor Tom Clancy’s memory tonight by continuing on with my latest read of “Executive Orders.”

I’m right at the point where the assassination of the Iraqi dictator by the Iranian sleeper agent has just taken place. Watching the tapes of the incident, new President Jack Ryan wisely asks Secret Service Agent Andrea Price for her assessment of the shooter and his motivations.

Check out the Wonderful Work of Jennifer Campbell-Hicks.

As it turns out, my old friend and newspaper reporter colleague, Michael Hicks, has married a very talented fiction writer. Her name is Jennifer Campbell-Hicks. I personally loved the pathos of her science fiction short story, “Caged.”

Ms. Campbell-Hicks’ work at Every Day Fiction can be found here:


Tom Clancy Passes Away At Age 66.

Dear Lord. One of my all-time favorite storytellers, Tom Clancy, has passed away. (I am right in the middle of re-reading “Executive Orders” right now.)

Thank you, Sir, for the countless hours of thrills, intrigue and entertainment — most especially with “The Cardinal of the Kremlin,” “Clear and Present Danger,” and “Debt of Honor.”

And rest in peace.

“Threads” is a great read!

Well, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy my copy of Dagda Publishing’s newest poetry anthology, “Threads” — and I must say that I am impressed indeed with the talent of my peers.

There is a wonderful variety of fresh voices there, among whose work I feel honored to have my own poetry included. (Incidentally, these include my friends Dennis Villelmi and Stanley Anne Zane Latham.)

It’s also quite an honor to see my creative writing available on for the first time — it’s a nice milestone for a neophyte writer. (A link to the Kindle version is below.) Thanks again, Dagda, for this terrific opportunity.

Publication Notice, Every Day Fiction to Feature My Short Story, “The Silver Leaf”

I’m honored to to be able to say that the online magazine Every Day Fiction will soon feature my short story, “The Silver Leaf.”  This is a very short vignette about two lost souls in the Irish Republican Army, who discuss the perils of being “real.”

The story should appear sometime in either October or November; I will post a link when it appears.

Thank you, Every Day Fiction!

Dagda Publishing’s Newest Poetry Anthology, “Threads,” Is Now Available!

Dagda Publishing’s newest poetry anthology, “Threads,” is now available, via, the Kindle Store, and the Createspace store.

I am especially excited about this release because it marks the first time any of my poetry has been included in an anthology. As I have noted here before, my set of poems, entitled “Three Dreamers,” will appear alongside the work of Dagda’s talented other contributors.

From Dagda Publishing: [Good morning folks. Here is the cover for Threads, which will be released tomorrow on Amazon. For all sales of this anthology, we shall be donating 50% of the proceeds to Shelter (Reg Charity No. 263710), and the cost of this collection of 42 poems will be £4.99 for the paperback and £1.99 for the ebook on Kindle. ]