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From Dagda Publishing:  “We have been running a poetry publishing site for over a year now, and want to take our ideas to the next level. We want to turn our endeavours into a full-blown publishing house, not just poetry but literature also.

“The world of publishing is changing rapidly, with the advent of self-publishing, and the increasing remoteness of the big publishing houses who are sticking with the safe titles. We feel that the time is ripe for dynamic, indie publishers to step up and help bring out the next generation of writers.

“We believe that the world always needs literature, to take away the dull and dim veneer that covers our lives. And we believe that we can bring the best new poetry and literature into the world with our endeavours.

“And to make this possible, we need your help.”

Publication Notice, International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives

Two poems of mine were featured yesterday by the International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives in Australia.

The first, “Syllables and Rocks,” is a darker love poem. The second, “With Apologies to William Blake,” is a tiny joke poem about drinking too much coffee, riffing on the opening lines of Blake’s “The Tyger.” Both pieces can be found at the IWVPA website here:

Publication Notice, Illumen

Illumen informed me on Monday that it will feature my set of three poems, entitled “Three Dreamers,” in its Spring 2014 issue. (This is a biannual publication, so there’s quite a wait time for pieces that have been accepted.) I’m thrilled because this is the first time my poems have been accepted by a print publication, and the first time they’ve been accepted by a literary journal inside the United States.

Illumen is a print magazine of speculative poetry published by Sam’s Dot Publishing, on 1 April and 1 October, in chapbook format. It contains speculative poetry, illustrations, articles, and reviews.

“Three Dreamers” first appeared with Dagda Publishing in the United Kingdom this past January.

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