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“A chance meeting with someone from the past is in store.”

Which store?  Target?  Victoria’s Secret?  B&D Comic Shop on Elm Avenue?

Not to be a Negative Ned here, but there are some people from my past I wouldn’t want to meet by chance.  That’s why they’re in the past.

Though it’s important to note that my fortune here says the past, not necessarily my past.  Which I suppose could mean I’ll meet William Jennings Bryant at the bait shop or something.

I probably think too much about these things.


Elm Avenue and Main Street Bridge, Roanoke, Virginia

December 2018.

That’s B&D Comics at the end of Elm Avenue, right before the street turns into Main Street Bridge as it crosses over the railroad tracks and the Roanoke River.  There’s something indefinably quaint and cool about the town’s comic shop being “down by the train tracks.”  To answer the sign’s query, comics were 75 cents when I was a kid.

The shots of the bridge and river here are poor.  (Sorry.)  But it’s actually a pretty spot in Roanoke on a nice day.