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Lampposts keeping warm.

South Jefferson Street, Roanoke, Virginia.

I could be mistaken, but I believe that the hats and scarves tied to lampposts and benches have been placed there for needy people to take.  I’ve read about this in other parts of the country — I had no idea that people did this in Roanoke.   There are some good, kind souls in my quiet, little city.



Dancin’ with the Star.

I am endlessly trying to get juuuuuust the right photo of St. John’s Episcopal Church with the Mill Mountain Star in the background.  I’ll probably never get there, but sometimes the results are fun.

As I’ve noted in the past, this is at the corner of Elm Avenue and Jefferson Street in Roanoke, Virginia.


Roanoke, VA, July 2021

Elmwood Park.

Elmwood park

Sorry about the shaky cam. And my cellphone camera is obviously not high quality.

Fountain beside Hampton Inn & Suite (facing Church Avenue).


Looking north up Market Street.

Market Street

The Roanoke Times.


A Banksyesque painting in front of Wok-ology on the corner of Campbell Avenue and Jefferson Street.