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Walnut Avenue Bridge in Roanoke, VA, November 2021

I am not an excellent photographer by any means, but I’d like to think I got lucky with this set of pictures.  I set out for a nice, long walk on a temperate Autumn Friday — and decided to cross Walnut Avenue Bridge for the first time.  I was lucky, because the setting sun seemed to set Mill Mountain’s trees ablaze.  (And I didn’t even realize I’d be treated to a great view of the Roanoke River beside it.)  What a nice and unexpected turn of events at the end of a November day.

I’m sorry, as always, for the shaky-cam! (The bridge was shaking too.)










“Night on Mill Mountain?”

I thought this Campbell Avenue storefront display was pretty cute.  What you see is a gargoyle overlooking one of those quaint ceramic villages.  (Sorry for the terrible picture … there were reflections in that glass.)

I don’t know if this diorama is an intentional reference to the “Night on Bald Mountain” sequence  in Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” (1940), but that’s what it makes me think of.  It would make it a really clever homemade Halloween decoration.


Vicinity of Williamson Road around downtown Roanoke, VA

July 2021.

Roanoke used to be called “Big Lick,” of all things.


This second one I’m a little proud of — that’s the Mill Mountain Star that you see in the background at left.


Looking southwest.


I found Area 51!!!  And it was taken over by the Black Oil Alien from “The X-Files.”

2021-07-23 (1)


Rainbow at Mill Mountain!!

This was the massive rainbow late yesterday afternoon in front of Mill Mountain. The video doesn’t do it justice. It was super-bright and it was gigantic.  It looked like it was hitting the ground just a few blocks away.

If you look carefully, you can see a second rainbow arc above it at right.

There was a pretty neat sunshower preceding it as well.


Roanoke, Virginia, July 2018 (2)

5th Street Overpass near the Virginia Museum of Transportation. Mill Mountain is in the background.  If you look closely at the sixth photo, you can see what looks like a gutted fighter jet to the right of the two antiquated trains.  I can only assume those are connected with the museum. (So, too, is the rusting hulk in the seventh.)




20180723_142249 (2)



20180723_142615 (2)



Mill Mountain in Roanoke, Virginia, July 2018 (video)

Again, Mill Mountain rises to about 1,750 feet, and I think my friends and I were at the overlook at or near its summit.  These videos don’t do justice to the view, although the second one at least gives you the best sense of looking down at the world.  The slope is so steep that peering down nearly induces vertigo.

I don’t know how true this is, but I read somewhere that Roanoke is the only American city with a mountain that is actually inside the city limits.