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Market Square and Market Street, Roanoke, VA, June 2022

I passed a neat milestone today.  With my letter in The Richmond Times-Dispatch, I’ve now seen my writing appear in 50 periodicals (in addition to standalone publications like anthologies and such).  I started waaaaaay back in 1996 or so with my first job as a reporter for the Culpeper Star-Exponent.

This arrives just a bit ahead of my 50th birthday, too — so I celebrated with a strawberry lemonade in Market Square.


Roanoke, VA, July 2021

Elmwood Park.

Elmwood park

Sorry about the shaky cam. And my cellphone camera is obviously not high quality.

Fountain beside Hampton Inn & Suite (facing Church Avenue).


Looking north up Market Street.

Market Street

The Roanoke Times.


A Banksyesque painting in front of Wok-ology on the corner of Campbell Avenue and Jefferson Street.



9-11 Memorial in Salem, Virginia

Salem has its own 9-11 Memorial, beside Fire Station No. 1 at the corner of Calhoun and Market Streets.  (I am sorry that my photography skills here are quite poor.)  What you see below are two steel beams from the 33rd to 36th Floors of the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

I’ve seen several of these memorials in New York; I was surprised to find one so far south.