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You know it’s a great April Fool’s day when you successfully persuade someone there’s a bear in your home.

Life is good, and I AM A COMPLETE BASTARD.

I also got a few friends with a story about Gerard Butler shooting a movie in downtown Roanoke. (Though plenty of people clued to the gag pretty quickly too.)







(I heard “Joker” was already taken.)

I told my best friend yesterday that there was a boa constrictor loose in my house and she TOTALLY BOUGHT IT. So did her kids.

And last year I had her convinced that a family of raccoons had moved into my closet.

I am the April Fool’s joke MASTER; I should be a supervillain named “April Fool.”

Her, after the reveal: “At this point, I hope you get eaten.”

An annual April 2nd disclaimer

No, guys, I have not been hired by any United States Antarctic Research Program to assist John Blair and his fellow scientists at Outpost 31.  Neither will I be relocating to any research base in Antarctica.  Nor do I have a college alumnus named R.J. MacReady.

Those were lies.  My post yesterday was an April Fool’s Day prank.  The setting and people I described yesterday are derived from the classic 1982 sci-fi/horror film, John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”