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Workers up on the Wells Fargo Tower, Roanoke, VA, October 2021

I believe I used the word “perch” here several times when I should have said “scaffolding.”  What can I say?  I’m not very good with words.  [Update — a pal of mine just told me the preferred term is actually “cradle.”  But she’s British, and they’ve got some funky linguistic differences with us — with their “flats” and their “chips” and their “bangers” and their consistently correct grammar and all that.]

The guys on the right side of the building (near the very top) are about 20 stories up.

Seen from Campbell Avenue SW, Roanoke, VA, October 2021

Pictured after the first photo are the rears of buildings that face Rorer Avenue to the north.

That building you see in the distance in the last photo before the video is the Wells Fargo Tower.

Regarding the black-and-white shots here — Roanoke is actually a very cheery place, and a clean and well kept city.  I just like draining the light and color from photos and then boosting their clarity through the roof.




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