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Tuesday Morning is a great store.

So this is the Day-of-the-Dead-style light-up skull that I bought at Tuesday Morning and then sent to a friend.  I packed it with assiduous care, but of course it arrived broken anyway, because U.S. postal employees are a brutish, godless people who know no love nor any mercy.

Anyway, the people at Tuesday Morning in my friend’s town let her exchange it, no problem — even when it was abundantly clear that it wasn’t the company’s fault.  And the salesperson was really nice about it.

And the skull itself is wicked-cool, isn’t it?





Yeah, my old Halloween decorations are pretty modest.

The ones that I received as a gift last week are a thousand times cooler.

And I still haven’t gotten around to creating or buying a proper glow-in-the-dark skull, as my efforts to craft one last year ended so roundly in disaster.

Still, the light-up plastic pumpkin is pretty neat.  There was a little boy up in Northern Virginia who was utterly fascinated by it.  I wanted so badly to give it to him, but of course you can’t give an electrical item to a young kid.

Speaking of pumpkins, you can see below that I did get a real one this year.  What should I do with it?  Draw a face?  Carve it into a Jack-o’-lantern?  I have zero artistic ability, so I’m only going to embarrass myself.  If I do anything with it, I have my heart set on the mask design for Matt Wagner’s “Grendel” comic book villain.  But I’m still open to suggestions, and I can always get another pumpkin.









COOLEST Halloween decorations ever!!!!

I’ve been thinking over the past several days that I’ve singularly failed this year at getting into the Halloween spirit.  (It’s important, folks — Halloween is the horror fan’s Christmas!)

And then these creepytastic things were given to me by a particularly talented crafts-lady.  (She made the candlesticks and skeleton-fairy herself!!)






My off-brand Halloween decorations.

You shop at Walmart and discount stores for Halloween, you get what you pay for.  Observe, for example, the glitter skeleton and its backwards feet.

Seriously, it’s not adjustable.  The feet are stuck like that, presumably because of a malfunction at … I dunno, the Halloween glitter skeleton factory.  (Maybe it’s spookier, like the dude died because he walked backwards into moving traffic?)

My efforts to paint my own glow-in-the-dark skull also met with meager results, as you can see.  The “paint,” which I know understand is meant to be only a kind of temporary, washable, spray-on party  “paint,” turned foamy and viscous instantly.  It flakes off, too, and loses its luminescence within seconds.

Next year, I am going to be a mature adult, and buy my skeleton-related novelties from the Johnson Smith Company.

What the hell — I still think the pumpkin and the cloaked wraith are pretty cool.











Throwback Thursday: The Halloween Skull Safety Flashlight!

This is probably an obscure Throwback Thursday — although these kinds of products are still sold today, the one below is an early 1980’s variation that seems mostly lost to history.  What you see below is a … “safety light?”  It’s just a simple flashlight with a crude molded plastic head when you screwed it on tight enough to close the simple circuit with the Size D batteries.   So the skull lit up.

I’m pretty sure variations were sold with ghosts or jack-o-lanterns, either at King Kullen Supermarkets or Genovese drug stores.  (My friends in the United Kingdom are a little puzzled at the term “drug store;” I wonder now if even some of my younger countrymen have ever been in a mom-and-pop “drug store,” instead of a CVS or a Walgreens.)

I still remember my mother bringing this home for me after a shopping trip.  Good LORD did this thing bring joy to a little boy.