“Threads” is a great read!

Well, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy my copy of Dagda Publishing’s newest poetry anthology, “Threads” — and I must say that I am impressed indeed with the talent of my peers.

There is a wonderful variety of fresh voices there, among whose work I feel honored to have my own poetry included. (Incidentally, these include my friends Dennis Villelmi and Stanley Anne Zane Latham.)

It’s also quite an honor to see my creative writing available on Amazon.com for the first time — it’s a nice milestone for a neophyte writer. (A link to the Kindle version is below.) Thanks again, Dagda, for this terrific opportunity.


Publication Notice, Every Day Fiction to Feature My Short Story, “The Silver Leaf”

I’m honored to to be able to say that the online magazine Every Day Fiction will soon feature my short story, “The Silver Leaf.”  This is a very short vignette about two lost souls in the Irish Republican Army, who discuss the perils of being “real.”

The story should appear sometime in either October or November; I will post a link when it appears.

Thank you, Every Day Fiction!

Dagda Publishing’s Newest Poetry Anthology, “Threads,” Is Now Available!

Dagda Publishing’s newest poetry anthology, “Threads,” is now available, via Amazon.com, the Kindle Store, and the Createspace store.

I am especially excited about this release because it marks the first time any of my poetry has been included in an anthology. As I have noted here before, my set of poems, entitled “Three Dreamers,” will appear alongside the work of Dagda’s talented other contributors.

From Dagda Publishing: [Good morning folks. Here is the cover for Threads, which will be released tomorrow on Amazon. For all sales of this anthology, we shall be donating 50% of the proceeds to Shelter (Reg Charity No. 263710), and the cost of this collection of 42 poems will be £4.99 for the paperback and £1.99 for the ebook on Kindle. ]


Thanks, Steve …

I got a great birthday present this year from the damn talented artist and fellow Mary Washington College graduate, Steve Miller.

They were two amazing prints of musicians, and they’re great inspiration for a writer. Not to mention that they make me recall some rather memorable parties on Sunken Road in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

You can get a nice sampling of Steve’s artwork here.

My two pieces were selected from Music Collection I. 🙂


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