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That “Alien Interrogation” video on Youtube.

That headline above is probably misleading — I’m sure there are more than one “alien interrogation” videos on Youtube.

But this is the one I happened across a while back and … quite like.  I just shared it with a friend the other night.  It’s a neat little sci-fi short film with some damned cool ideas in its four and a half minutes.  Check it out.


Listen to Jenny S. read her poem “Happy Smiley People”

Guys, if you have a moment, I really recommend that you stop by the Jenny S. Poetry channel on Youtube and listen to her reading of her short poem, “Happy Smiley People.”  As you may know from reading this blog, the channel is where Jenny reads the work submitted to her by indie poets — in addition to some of her own work.

“Happy Smiley People” is a stark, superb piece.  As I told Jenny, it’s brutally honest and bluntly perfect.  And it’s got a great closing line.


Jenny Santellano reads my poem, “hens staring upward”

I am so grateful tonight to the talented Jenny Santellano for her beautiful reading of my 2015 poem, “hens staring upward.”

Jenny has a lovely voice and a truly enviable skill for bringing a poem to life.  The video below is part of her Youtube series, in which she performs poetry readings to help authors gain exposure.

By all means, please check out her Youtube channel.  It has a wonderful selection of recent work by other poets, and Jenny expertly performs each piece.


Poet Jennifer Santellano will read my poem,”hens staring upward”

I received some nice news a little while ago — Jennifer Santellano will record my poem, “hens staring upward,” as part of her ongoing Youtube audio series.  As I’ve shared here at the blog before, Jenny is a poet herself who lends her voice talents to help other independent writers gain exposure.  (She was kind enough this past September to do a very skilled interpretation of my 2013 poem, “The Writer.”)  I recommend that you check out her wonderful audio series over at her Youtube channel.

“hens staring upward” was published previously by Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine and Dead Snakes in 2015.




My recording of “Roanoke Summer Midnight”

Hey, gang!  I had my reading of my poem “Roanoke Summer Midnight” included in a video by Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine a couple of weeks ago, after the piece was published in its 2017 anthology.  If you happened to miss that, this is the individual recording that I sent to the publisher for the video’s creation.  (I just uploaded it to Youtube.)


“Dark Sonnet,” by Neil Gaiman (“I Didn’t Write This” series)

I am linking here to another terrific poem interpretation from “I Didn’t Write This.”  The poet here is none other than Neil Gaiman.

You can check out the entire “I Didn’t Write This” series at Yulin Kuang’s Youtube channel here:



Jennifer Santellano reads “The Writer”

I am honored tonight to share with you Jennifer Santellano’s skilled rendition of my 2013 poem, “The Writer.”  She has a lovely speaking voice, and I’m truly grateful for the life she breathed into the piece with her interpretation.

Ms. Santellano is a published poet herself.  She also finds time to help her colleagues in the independent literature community, by performing recordings of their poems.  It’s a particularly nice way of being generous with her time and talent.  You can find more of her interpretations at her Youtube channel right here.